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  • The Light Went Off

    In January, I was consulting with a group of doctors who specialize in obesity education. As ├╝ber intelligent people are prone to do, they were speaking in a high-level code language that reminded me of my systematic theology courses. To make it even more confusing they had just reviewed several recently released studies about obesity […]

  • 5 things gardens teach us about healthy churches

    Last year, Kristen and I made a commitment to grow organically or buy organically 25% of our families food. For us, that has meant starting and maintaing a garden. As they say, inch by inch and row by row– we have watched our garden grow. A native suburbanite, I’ve discovered many revelations about my perceptions […]

  • 5 Steps to Finding Family in Your Community

    Divorce. Single parenthood. Extended singlehood. Living away from home. Broken relationships. Loneliness. None of these are surprises. None of these are ideal. All of them are our reality and bond. All of them are (by design) normative in the body of Christ. (James Dobson’s ideals are great. But they aren’t our reality.) We are a […]

  • “Who are you anyway?”

    Recently, God has been all up in my video about who I am. It’s crazy how easy I get my identity wrapped up in what other people think of me. I suppose being in a public position will do that to you. One of the things that Bill Clinton was always accused of as President […]