In San Diego it’s now a crime to be poor

Somehow I missed The Jungle in high school. When I read Upton Sinclair’s classic as a young adult it changed things. While most readers recall the horrifying details of Chicago’s turn-of-the-century meatpacking industry I saw myself in Jurgis Rudkus. I was one mistake from being him. In retrospect my 20s ended up going really well. Yet looking…… Continue reading In San Diego it’s now a crime to be poor

Homeless Teenagers Among Us

[Video enclosed] The poverty rate for those under 18 will soon hit 25% in America. This video from 60 Minutes broke my heart yesterday. While riding the trolley to work I listened to the audio and wept. 16 million kids in our country are currently living below the poverty line. That’s an increase of 2…… Continue reading Homeless Teenagers Among Us

The woman at the well and me

Headphones in, volume up, helmet strapped on, I mounted my bike with a lot on my mind. Already running late and frustrated that my air compressor was not working, I peddled down my block. With my rear tire nearly flat I knew I’d have to stop at the nearby gas station and fill it up.…… Continue reading The woman at the well and me

Helping Dan feel human

“Can you help me with my bike? My wrist is broken!” I barely heard the question. But speaking over This American Life was the voice of a man on the platform struggling to get his bicycle up the stairs and onto the trolley. With my bike pinning me against the retractable wheelchair lift on the ancient,…… Continue reading Helping Dan feel human