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  • the 50th Episode

    I can’t believe it’s already been 50 shows. Fifty! One thing is obvious, Ian Robertson is a complete saint to put up with me for a year. Producing a weekly show is a joy, a challenge, and a discipline. It’s insanity and fun wrapped into one. I’m especially happy with how this episode turned out. […]

  • DCLA Recap – directors cut

    Let’s see… so much in this show to cover! – Brittany did a great job hosting the DCLA recap. She ran our registration area… but once she was done she got to join “the fun team” and run around with me capturing video and pictures. – The opening thing we shot on the Mall. It […]

  • Two fantastic videos from NYWC

    I am a huge fan of the stories told at NYWC. Even before I came to work at YS, I always thought they managed to tell the right stories at every event to warm the heart and encourage the soul to keep going. These are two great short films produced by Ian, our maven of […]

  • Quick check-in

    I’m always amazed at my inability to blog from NYWC. I think it’s a combination of my insane schedule and a lack of good internet connectivity. More importantly, I feel like I don’t have much to share while in the midst of NYWC since I’m soaking it in so deeply. So here are some random […]

  • Dog & Car updates

    I don’t stress out too easily. But the last 48 hours kind of rattled me. Our super reliable car seems to have blown up and our super simple dog had to be rushed to the vet. So when a man’s best friend and his ride both get busted in a day… now you know that […]