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  • The Trampoline Effect

    Myth: It matters who you know. I couldn’t be more of a nobody. When I showed up as a 17 year old kid on the campus of Moody Bible Institute I couldn’t have been more aware that I’d stepped into a world I knew nothing about, knew not a soul, and had no claim to […]

  • Going Green-ish

    One of our family goals this year was to make some changes to how we consumed the world’s resources. Some of it is a desire to live more simply and some of it is just a realization that the stuff our little family does, when added up with millions of other families, really impacts our […]

  • Activity vs. Impact

    Most people’s default measurement tool for their effectiveness is how busy they are. The thought process goes like this: If I have a full schedule of activity I feel invaluable to the organization If I am doing a lot of stuff I must be doing some good The result of all these meetings and all […]