How to repost a blog post with style and grace

Since I first wrote about people stealing my content last November, “How to blog, write, and speak with integrity” I’ve gotten lots of contacts asking me how to properly repost or cite blog posts, web articles, and news stories. Here are some tips for reposting internet content with style and grace. Never repost an entire…… Continue reading How to repost a blog post with style and grace

The internet & privacy

Lately there has been a lot of angst about internet privacy. This came to a head when Facebook changed some privacy settings which angered some users who believed that they had a right to privacy with stuff they shared on the site. Some folks ever started a movement called over it. As a person…… Continue reading The internet & privacy

Old Video of Newspapers Online

Check this out, in 1981 the idea of people getting the news via the internet was already well underway. It took a while, but online is a primary way people get news these days. I love that monitor! HT to Mark

Web people

This is what I’ve learned in my years as a Web dude. People either see you as a genius or an idiot. There isn’t much middle ground. And often in conversation, you can tell the people you’re talking to are thinking you are both an idiot and a genius at the same time.