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  • Hire where you want to grow

    One of my many roles at Youth Specialties is to oversee the YS job bank. While it isn’t the fanciest job hunting service in the world countless people have found their ministry jobs through the site. The hiring process, for many churches, reveals the pendulum problem. They aren’t looking for the best candidate for their […]

  • The Emotionally Healthy Youth Pastor

    For the past 2.5 years my job has shifted from being a youth pastor to being a cheerleader, encourager, and fan of youth workers around the country. And, not surprisingly, I’ve bumped into a lot of youth workers with a shared story. Careers flopping. Getting fired. Financial struggles. And marriages crumbing. As you’d expect during […]

  • Bad news for suburban kids

    In the next few weeks millions of high school seniors will hear their name called and walk across the stage to recieve a high school diploma. There is an interesting phenomonon on graduation day that I’d like to point out. Kids in the city are typically pretty excited about the achievement. In the city graduation […]

  • 3 Things I Don’t Want to Hear From a Pastor…. EVER!

    Now that I’m a regular Joe sitting in the pew on Sunday morning, I’ve gotten a chance to discover some things that are awkward for the audience to hear. In short, I don’t think pastors should say these things… EVER! Talk about your sex life. How gross is it to hear any 40 something year […]