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  • Desert Man Trip

    I’ve been around a few types of “manly men” in my lifetime. Dude’s who hang out at country clubs, play sophisticated sports, and have sophisticated tastes. Dude’s who smoke big cigars, enjoy fine beverages, and gamble big bucks. (Either gambling or on business deals) Dude’s who shot guns, kill things, and could live for months […]

  • Make it Count

    Dan Stevers, the video guy at our church, made this for church. You can buy this one here. ($15) So powerful.

  • You Want Who to Do Whaaaaa-aaat?

    This morning I have the honor of teaching at Encounter, the high school ministry of Journey Community Church. I’m kicking off a series called Sea Jesus. And basically it’s stuff that Jesus has to teach us while he’s near the Sea of Galilee. Like everything else I produce that I’m at liberty to share, I’ve […]

  • Finding a church home: Journey Community Church

    Several weeks ago I shared that our family would document the church search process. And this past weekend that search continued as we attended Journey Community Church in La Mesa.  It’s worth pointing out right away that a ton of people I work with go to Journey and suggested that we check it out. Everyone […]