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4 Things Negativity Guarantees

Negativity isn’t the opposite of positivity. It is the opposite of gratitude. 

When things are going great your response to success determines your ability to continue succeeding. And when things are going rotten your response can be the rally point your team needs to keep going.

Here are 4 things that being negative will guarantee in your life

  1. You’ll have negative future returns. Poor performance is the love child of a negative attitude.
  2. You’ll have negative friends. Negativity attracts negativity.
  3. You’ll have negative impact on loved ones. Negative people contaminate everything they touch and hurt everyone they love.
  4. You’ll have negative job history. Your outlook leads to your ouster time and again.

Leaders set the tone. Pure and simple. 

Be gracious to one another in how you lead.

Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.

2 Corinthians 1:11

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Church Leadership

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, But

I’m always amazed how little leading most leaders actually do.

If a leader takes someone where they would otherwise not go on their own— the fact is that most people we label as leaders are just people who talk about leading. On a good day they are administrators. On an average day, they are do-nothings with leadership titles. On a bad day, they are busy saying they are leading while they aren’t actually leading.

Nobody cares how you intend to lead.

When you are a leader you are measured by your results, not your intentions.

Go through your own list of your favorite leaders. They all have great actions tied to their words we quote.

Leaders have a responsibility to lead. They need to say the words that move people. They need to prepare people to go somewhere or do something they are afraid of.

Then they need to take their people there.

Call yourself a leader?

No more excuses. No more coulda done this. Or second-guessing woulda done that. We’ve all failed, but dwelling on the shoulda just makes you sound like a loser.

No more talk. Time for action.

Church Leadership

5 Things Leaders Do

Image by Jean-François Chénier via Flickr (Creative Commons)
  1. Drive people around them nuts
  2. Piss off critics
  3. Take you places you would/could never go on your own
  4. Care deeply about the goal, but even more about the people under care
  5. Celebrate victories

I think the opposite it true, as well. I know someone isn’t really a leader if they…

  1. Are laid back about their work
  2. Worry about what critics say
  3. Talk a lot of crap, but don’t ultimately take you anywhere you couldn’t go on your own
  4. Care more about the goal than the people under care
  5. Worry more about the next goal than celebrating a victory

I don’t know about your world. But in my world everyone calls themselves a leader. These are some criteria I use to tell the fakes from the for-reals. What are your criteria?