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  • 5 Ways to Fight Loneliness in Leadership

    It’s lonely at the top. For those who work in the church, we all know it. Those who make it for the long haul either succumb to a lifetime of loneliness and don’t have any real friends or we learn to adapt and find deep connection outside the walls of the church. But loneliness doesn’t […]

  • Alone in the Wild

    Last night I watched a fascinating documentary on the National Geographic Channel called, “Alone in the Wild.” It was difficult to watch. Here was this outdoorsmen named Ed Wardle. He wanted to test himself to see… can I live completely independent of others and survive in the Yukon wilderness? He intended to make it 90 […]

  • More than a web guy, a lesson for church staff

    There are times when I realize that I’m not showing a ton of depth. Or maybe, it is that I get so pigeon-holed into being the person someone needs that I don’t get to exhibit depth. I feel that way right now. I’ve gotten ingrained here in San Diego as a social media geek. Within […]

  • People long for someone to talk to

    I am sitting here at a local eatery quietly writing. Unintentionally, I’m observing the people around me. Here’s a fascinating observation about the world we live in. Directly in front of me is a mother of a 1 year old interviewing a babysitter so she can go back to work.  It’s pretty clear that this […]