Tag: love your neighbors

  • Radically Local

    I don’t drive my car very often. We are a one car family and I choose to take the trolley to work most days. I’ve learned to love the slowness of riding my bike and taking public transportation. When I do drive it tends to be with the five of us crammed into our Passat. […]

  • The great hope of the American church is…

    Neighbors loving neighbors. The funny thing is that if you read enough church leadership blogs or read enough books by big-time church people you start to think that they believe the great hope of the American church is the church organization and its staff. We know Jesus was a big fan of all things mega, […]

  • L’agenda

    The longer I walk with Jesus the more complicated my life seems to get. Kids, ministry, job, dreams, bills, skills, personality flaws, responsibilities… the list is endless. Life is complicated. Scary. Confusing. Worrysome. At the same time, the longer I live the more simple the application of God’s Word gets. When things seem really complex […]