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  • How to minister to god-fearers in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, pluralistic society

    We all know the church in America is in trouble… More than 50% of Americans, if given a box to check, would label themselves as Christian while less than 10% affiliate with an actual church. While the dominant suburban white church ignores this reality, we are becoming a multi-ethnic nation. (again) While the church is […]

  • The Chronology of Holy Week

    Have you ever tried to teach Holy week? It can be confusing to nail down the chronology. Looking at the narrative and laying it out against what we celebrate reveals that we might not be counting the days exactly the way the four Gospel writers counted days. Palm Sunday – Jesus enters Jerusalem (Luke 19 […]

  • Teaching Acts

    Right now I am teaching the book of Acts for a class at Romeo Bible Institute. It is both fun and challenging. It’s fun because Acts is one of the most action packed, exciting narratives in the world as a band of eleven takes hold of a challenge from the Risen Jesus and (under the […]