The Obama Marketing Vice-Grip

Now that we’re a bit removed from the elections the picture is getting more clear to see how exactly Obama won roughly 70% of the electoral college. While I’m sure there are tons of political types on television who will take the politics of it apart, I thought I’d offer some observations of the campaign…… Continue reading The Obama Marketing Vice-Grip

Finding a church home: Pre-search thoughts

This week marks the beginning of a new era. For the first time in more than 10 years Kristen and I begin a search for a new church home. Sure, there were other searches before– but they were always tied to employment so that’s a little different. Now that I don’t have a church job…… Continue reading Finding a church home: Pre-search thoughts

Youth Ministry Ad Network

Maybe you’ve noticed that there is a small block of ads on the right side of my blog. What is that all about? Patti & I have been thinking of a very focused, very profitable (for both advertisers/bloggers) niche` ad network for youth pastors for a long time. Essentially, our goal with it is to…… Continue reading Youth Ministry Ad Network

30 Day Sex Challenge

Relevant Church in Tampa, Florida has certainly attracted some media attention. Check out this challenge. “An openly edgy Christian church is launching what they’re calling a 30-Day Sex Challenge to help members improve their relationships and rediscover themselves.” “Single folks are to abstain from sex for 30 days…Married folks, on the other hand, are supposed…… Continue reading 30 Day Sex Challenge