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  • The Four Greatest Basketball Movies of All Time

    Everything I’m doing from Thursday to Sunday is measured by the following questions: “What ┬átime does ___ start and who is playing now?” I love March Madness! And all of those basketball dreams lead me to this list: The Four Greatest Basketball Movies of All Time Hoosiers – Clearly, the best basketball movie ever made.…

  • Michael Jordan Owns Lebron James

    This is a mash-up, but whoa. Awesome and true. Lebron isn’t the king of anything. ht to Eric Smith via Facebook

  • Ode to MJ

    On Friday, the greatest player in basketball history was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Here’s the video of his speech: For those, who like me, think that Mr. Jordan is washed up beyond belief. This is a friendly reminder that he can probably still beat 99% of the population in a 1-on-1 game to…