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  • 1-2-3 Jump

    Moses. Abraham. David. Joshua. Daniel. Jonah. Isaiah. Nehemiah. [Insert your Bible heroes name here____.] There is one important reason that you know their names and not the names of the thousands of people God may have called at the same time. People with higher status in their day. From better families. People who were probably […]

  • Lead us to the river bank

    Can you imagine what was running through Moses’ head as he stood there on the bank of the Nile waiting for Pharoah to arrive? (Exodus 7) I’m doing what God told me to do. (Kept on┬áRepeat.) Uh, why didn’t I write that down? Did God say today or was it next week? Why didn’t God […]

  • The Power of Calling

    Yesterday, I spent some time thinking about the calling of Abraham and Moses. (Genesis 15; Exodus 3) I was comparing the discomfort those men went through as a result of their calling to a community and the relative ease with which I question my calling to the community I live in and the work God […]

  • Who stole my Jesus?

    Right now I have a God-shaped hole in my life that can only be filled with an 8 inch plastic Jesus. Yesterday I went to the church to finish cleaning out my office. I snapped this picture when I was done as this is the cleanest the office ever was from the moment the painters […]