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  • 10 Ways to Make Olympic Sports More Interesting to Watch

    The commercials have begun. The summer games are coming and we have a moral obligation to care. Soon you will know what the official toilet paper and sports drink is of the 2012 Olympic Games. But let’s be real. For 3 weeks NBC is going to pretend like these are sports the average American cares…

  • The Most Expensive Sketch Ever

    I’m going to miss Conan. Can’t lie– Leno sucks. My favorites are still on though. Long live Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson.

  • President Bush is the Man

    OK, so I’ve firmly established that I am writing GW Bush in as my vote in November. Patti pointed this out to me over at the NBC Olympic site, you’ll probably be seeing this on Jon Stewart for sure on Monday. Quick reminder about why we love the President. He’s all dude. The kind of…