Inside out youth ministry

A couple Sunday’s ago our senior pastor, Ed Noble, was talking about the inside out revolution underway at Journey. He gave an example about an area of the property where the church used to meet weekly for a big, family dinner. Now that space is used to run a food pantry for families in our…… Continue reading Inside out youth ministry

Three types of busyness

The other day Doug Fields wrote about battling busyness in ministry and offered these 6 action steps. Declare war on busyness Go public Clean the piles Go to bed earlier Journal to find the “yes” Quit lying to yourself [Check out his descriptions here] This is such a crucial topic. As I unpacked these action…… Continue reading Three types of busyness

Why aren’t more people good?

Maybe people don’t like to do good because they haven’t gotten bored with being bad? I had this thought while listening to an episode of This American Life called, Superpowers. In one of the stories a researcher spent months going to bars and asking patrons which superpower they would like to have and why. Most…… Continue reading Why aren’t more people good?

Church of the world and not of the church

I’ve begun to wonder what church would look like if Sunday morning worship stopped being the central focus of the church’s ministry. – What if Sunday morning were a celebration of community and a rallying together of community groups? – What if we came together purely for communion, prayers, and a simple message pushing us…… Continue reading Church of the world and not of the church

Grace vs. Karma

Yesterday’s message got me thinking about the mistake many people, even church people, make in regards to grace. Here’s what those two terms mean and why they are opposites. Grace is receiving unmerited favor. In other words, you get what you don’t deserve. Karma is the effects of your past deeds is your future experience.…… Continue reading Grace vs. Karma