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  • 11 Months In

    11 Months In

    Just about 11 months ago we were settling into the idea that COVID-19 was going to be bad. We had no idea how bad things could get. None. As of today, 500,000 Americans have lost their lives to this pandemic. By comparison, the entire population of Sacramento is 494,000. What if I’d told you 11…

  • Pushing Past the Pain of Change

    This weekend, at Open, I heard a few things. Some were from attendees, some speakers, and others from the Holy Spirit. Most of the thoughts that stuck are along the lines of change. People are ready for change. They are hungry for it. And the pain of continuing this cycle of depreciating returns is too…

  • Real Life Ministry: Real Hurts

    If it didn’t hurt so much sometimes it wouldn’t be personal.

  • Helping our kids love church, again

    “The reason I hate church is that you pay attention to everyone else there but us.” ~ Megan, age 7 Those words rattled my soul. I’d rather have gotten cold-cocked by Mike Tyson in a bar fight than heard those words.┬áThat’s when I knew that things had to drastically change in how both how I…