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  • Good News curriculum video shoot

    Yesterday, Jon and I spent the vast majority of our day shooting the 6 fictional stories that go along with each lesson in our forthcoming Good News in the Neighborhood curriculum. Seeing some of the big picture pieces come together in this project has been amazing. Doing the video segments actually brought new life into […]

  • Under the hood of YSpalooza.com

    For the last month I’ve had my head under the hood on a brand new event for YS called, “YSpalooza.” Over at the YS blog I’ll talk a little more about what the event is and why we are excited about it. But here I wanted to take readers behind the scenes to show off […]

  • Rounding 3rd

    A few years ago I was on the church softball team. Being a church league for adults it was mostly filled with people who used to be able to play well, but time and a few extra pounds had lowered their skill level down a lot lower than their imaginations thought they were. In other […]