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  • Adventure as a Discipline

    For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about how wimpy people are. There is something strange to me that people allow the most remote possibility of getting hurt, lost, robbed, missing a meal, missing a flight, or even not a clean place to pee define their lives. What a boring life they live. I […]

  • A 15-Question Spiritual Growth Plan for 2009

    Tony Myles, a retired youth pastor senior pastor in Ohio, challenged his congregation and blog readers with this list. It has challenged me this week, I thought it was worth sharing for those who hadn’t seen it: -How will you grow in your love for God in a way that encompasses all of who you […]

  • How come?

    I was reading a couple ministry blogs this morning who were talking about worship services they either produce or visited. I don’t need to link to them as they are easy enough to find. Now that we go to a church with zero theatrics… and new people still come, and people still worship, and people […]

  • Commitment: A trend to or a trend away?

    I posted a question here… your thoughts are always appreciated.