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  • Five ridiculously hard steps to a better you

    Tim is right. There is a whole lot of lying for the sake of SEO in blogs these days. While there might be five easy steps to creating a Facebook page for your business, there aren’t five easy steps for everything. Becoming a better you is ridiculously hard. I know it not from issuing advice […]

  • 3 Big Questions

    I can’t decide if its the lack of sleep (ht to Jackson) that caused me to wake up asking myself these questions, if my “fasting from sleep” provided clarity on some things which brought these questions to the surface of my awareness, or if these are just really good questions that popped into my mind […]

  • 4 Clarifying questions to begin my day

    Am I called to lead or to serve? Am I called to give or to receive? Am I called to prosper or to sacrifice? Am I called to endure or conquer?

  • What Would Judas Do? Moralistic Therapeutic Deism and You

    The youth ministry world is wrestling through the ramifications of what Christian Smith coined as Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. What is MTD? After interviewing 3,000 teenagers, the authors found that many young people believed in several moral statutes not exclusive to any of the major world religions: A god exists who created and ordered the world […]

  • 4 Things to Do With a Legit Opportunity

    Let’s face it, success is about being opportunistic. Here’s my simple outlook on opportunities. I’m thankful that I’ve made more right steps than wrong ones so far. But having the right outlook on the various ideas I’m presented with makes a huge difference. Pause to ask questions, hard ones. If you don’t ask how something […]

  • Asking Nerds Fun Questions

    Makes me wonder about how we make complex things about theology or life in the church interesting to non-theologians and non-churchgoers.

  • Pastors Most Powerful Answer

    New pastors quickly learn that ministry life is full of big questions. Questions that make you feel very small and insignificant. Questions that make God feel massively huge and almost out of reach. Questions that are so loaded and full of pain that they prime tears just to get the words out. Questions that have […]

  • 6 Questions for Those Starting a Business

    The Great Recession of 2009 has created a new breed of entrepreneur– the I-don’t-have-a-job-but-I-was-once-successful-in-business-and I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life-since-I-can’t-find-a-good-paying-job-that-satisfies-me-quite-like-my-old-job-did-entrepreneur. What’s interesting about this group is that they have great ideas, limited capital, and a mixed bag of preparedness for starting a business. Honestly, that’s a perfect combination! The bad part is that since they don’t have jobs, they need […]

  • 5 Clarifying Questions

    As another week begins and another year winds down I hope that you are pausing long enough to reflect on who you have become, who you are becoming, and the trajectory/pace you are taking. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the […]

  • What if you’re asking the wrong question?

    With some of my friends I’ve had the same soul conversation 100 times. Together we bang our heads against the wall asking the big question we are facing. With various friends that soul question takes various forms. “Why aren’t my kids following Jesus? Why isn’t my business taking off? Why do I struggle with my […]