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Top 10 posts

1. Do you need a resume`? It depends.
2.Repairing a wet iPod Touch
3. Tim Hortons Arrives in Romeo
4. Christians and Gun Control
5. St. Patrick’s Day Prayer for Missionaries
6. 14 Must Have Gifts for the Geek in Your Life
7. TSA Resistance
8. SDSU: I Believe That We Will Win
9. American Airlines CEO Quits on Moral Grounds
10. 5 Ways to Be Good News in the Neighborhood on Halloween

No surprises there. Google brings the traffic to some of my backlog entries. But I was surprised to see some of the late November and December articles take off and make it into the top 10.

Top 10 Referrers

1. Facebook
2. Google (Search, Image search, and Google Reader)
3. Twitter
4. StumbleUpon
5. Youth Specialties
6. The Youth Cartel
7. Google+
8. Raginpagin

I had to giggle at #8. That’s a forum for the SDSU bowl game opponent. Facebook out-referred Google by 3:1 in 2011. Crazy!

Top 10 search terms bringing people to my blog

1. resume
2. how to do a resume
3. Tim Hortons
4. wet ipod touch
5. wii bowling
6. sexting
7. tiger woods new estate
8. letter l
9. st patrick
10. ipod touch wet

Again, the power of Google. Looks like I need to spend some time on my SEO of church/youth ministry stuff, eh?

Top 10 outbound links


One of the surprising things that happened to my blog in 2011 was that I didn’t see a dip when I left working at Youth Specialties. As I transitioned from YS to The Youth Cartel I actually saw an increase in traffic, comments, shares, etc. I don’t know what that means but I was happy to see everything go up. (Visitors, Facebook shares, Twitter mentions, RSS subscribers, comments, contacts… everything.)


Christmas happiness

The five McLane’s had a very simple Christmas day. 

  • Everyone slept in so we didn’t get out of bed until about 7. A huge treat!
  • As excited as the kids were to open presents they were polite and orderly about the whole thing.
  • It took Jackson exactly one gift to figure out what this was all about. He loved opening gifts!
  • Christmas was pretty low-key from a gift perspective. We’ve gone from extreme to extreme in our house. Sometimes we’ve given them only 1 gift and other years we’ve gotten them lots of gifts. This year, we gave them each a few and they seemed quite pleased. There were some things off of their lists and some surprises.
  • Speaking of gifts. While I’m a noted C.S. Lewis-hater, my kids now have a full set of the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Megan and Paul’s “big gift” is a day trip with mom or dad. Megan is going whale watching with Kristen and I’m taking Paul out on the ocean for a day of fishing.
  • Jackson’s big red tractor was a big hit. Several times during the day we saw JT crawl over to the tractor and talk to it.
  • Kristen made a huge feast! Ham and all the fixings. My favorite.
  • For the second year in a row, we channeled our inner Brit and started Christmas dinner with crackers. We all felt quite royal eating our feast with our crowns on. (Yes, mine was pink… quite lovely.)
  • Our house rotation continues. This summer we converted our living room to an office and our dining room into a living room. Well, yesterday was our first family meal in the kitchen around the table. We even did highs/lows while we ate. Look at us– real parents!
  • Megan, Paul, and I had epic battles throughout the day with our fake nerf guns. Why is it that the cheapest gifts (stocking stuffers) end up being the most fun?
  • With Christmas on Sunday it feels like we got ripped off a day. Kristen is off from work today. But I have three projects due this week so I’m off to the office later this morning. (A website, a curriculum, and first steps on a book project)

A Fiscally Responsible Christmas

For the last several years Kristen and I have kept a pretty tight Christmas budget. With all the commercialization of Christmas we take great pride to see December as a month to continue our savings/budget goals. It makes me smile to know we can enjoy Christmas and continue our goals at the same time. Take that Madison Avenue! 

hmm... thoughts

Your Weekly Dose of Adam

Here’s a round-up of stuff that I’ve appeared in lately. It’s kind of crazy, but of all the stuff I write and do on a regular basis… only about 33% of it is here on my blog. So, here’s the tour de Adam:

[Commercial] I have to give a special shout-out to Matt Cleaver. His blog has been giving me tons of love lately. I look forward to his posts popping up in my Google reader, if you do youth ministry you should head over there and subscribe to his RSS too. [/commercial]

Youth Hacks interview: I spoke to Josh Cook about all sorts of stuff we’re doing at this year’s NYWC. It starts off slow and gets increasingly better. When  I do early morning stuff like this I need to remember to drink 2-3 cps of coffee first.

YS Podcast: Each Monday I host the podcast for Youth Specialties. My part is typically pretty small in that what appears on video is just me doing the intro, segway, and closing. It’s just a little dose of Adam McLane with your big meety dose of youth ministry goodness.

We’re hosting a rummage sale: We’re downsizing our offices at work, this is a little post I did letting local folks know. If you live in SoCal you won’t want to miss it. (Though, I’m actually missing it! Kristen and I are sneaking off to San Franscisco that weekend.)

Cell phone poll: This is my shortest post, but I was very interested in the results. Who would have thought that 20% of youth workers currently have an iPhone?

Bagillions of youth ministry links: Part of my role in putting together the 3 newsletters per week at work is to help keep youth workers around the country up on news effecting adolescence. I use Delicious to do that, I’m really thinking I need to start adding blogs to Delicious too. Thoughts?

The Trust Business: Each week I write an article for YMX. This week’s one struck a cord (in a good way) with folks.

May conference call: One of the smaller changes we’re making to NYWC is trying some new ways to communicate to folks about our conference. Here’s a recording of May’s conference call with Mark Oestreicher. Just like the podcast, I’m the moderator. (June’s conference call will feature Mark Matlock.

The best small group ever: This post continues to live on. I was happy to hear that the story was distributed to our church staff. I guess it connected with them, they re-posted it an article in their quarterly newsletter.

What Happens to the Coddled?: Rants never cease to amaze me. This one touched a nerve. It continues to float around the internet… forwarded from parent to parent. There’s even a rumor that this may re-surface as a parenting resource. I’m brewing another parenting rant. One that will hopefully continue to wake up the parents who coddle.

Am I missing something? Probably. Each week I am amazed at how much I write! What’s my secret? Discipline. Things don’t write themselves, you know? What’s my second secret? A journal. Want to write more? Get a journal at Target for $7.