Celebrating the Collective We

Saturday was one of those rare experiences where you witness a vision reality. Something that existed purely by way of imagination, aspiration, and hopeful preparation took physical shape resulting in a day I’ll always remember. It started to get real when I picked up the t-shirts. Brian Aaby had connected me with a local screen…… Continue reading Celebrating the Collective We

Fall in love with your content

Every day I read all sorts of blogs. I follow hundreds of blogs with Google Reader and I’m constantly following links on Twitter and Facebook to various people’s blogs. And I’ve gotten used to the mediocrity of most stuff out there. There are very few people writing about what they love. But there are a…… Continue reading Fall in love with your content

Final thoughts on canceling church

My post last Sunday about megachurches (and their copycat little brothers) canceling services the day after Christmas generated a massive response. Apparently, there were a lot of people who also felt it was a smidge ridiculous that in America we found an excuse to take a Sunday off while those in other parts of the…… Continue reading Final thoughts on canceling church