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  • Two San Diego State Universities: The Power of Winning

    Two San Diego State Universities: The Power of Winning

    I’m new to State. I moved into the College Area in 2008 and quickly adopted them. I’m not an alumni. I didn’t grow up in San Diego. They are just the school that’s near my house and I enjoy going to football and basketball games.

  • Rivals vs. Enemies

    I’ve noticed that we are beginning to redefine the term rivals and that is puzzling. It’s even a little bit scary as extremism continues to destroy the fabric of our nation. “If you are from Michigan, you are born hating the whole state of Ohio. Go Wolverines!” “I’m a Mac person. If you don’t rock…

  • The church is shifting

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet a ton of people for the first time. Convention attendees, authors, speakers, and ministry leaders from across the US. And it was interesting because there was a phenomenon among the conversations that I found fascinating. Somewhere in the conversation there would always be this thread of “do…