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  • Piggy Banks

    Jeffrey and Joel were visiting with the people of a tent city in the town of Carrefour, Haiti when they heard periodic banging. Used to the sound of big diesel engines and definitely used to the sound of kids laughing and playing games, metal on metal banging was distinctive pang and piqued their curiosity. Under […]

  • Smaller is Better

    Want to know a little secret? People who go to your church like it when you know them. Want to know another little secret? People who go to your church aren’t that impressed with big anymore. How do I know these secrets? I listen to people who don’t go to church talk about church. I […]

  • Going lean and mean

    Yesterday’s church service was a celebration of what God is doing in our community. For those who don’t know, I attend a church plant called Harbor Mid-City. It’s an effort to do the impossible task of bridging cultures in one of San Diego’s most diverse communities. Mid-city is home to roughly 60 language groups and […]

  • Changing the metaphor for small church

    A couple months back I raised some eyebrows by saying that medium-sized churches were in crisis. Since that post I’ve had dozens more conversations which confirm that it isn’t just me seeing this, it really is happening. Church leaders all nod their head when they read Seth Godin, “Big is the new small. But you’ll […]

  • Got small hands? Try this!

  • The church is shifting

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet a ton of people for the first time. Convention attendees, authors, speakers, and ministry leaders from across the US. And it was interesting because there was a phenomenon among the conversations that I found fascinating. Somewhere in the conversation there would always be this thread of “do […]