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  • Kicking Fat Adam to the Curb

    5:30 AM comes early on a Friday. I look at the time on my phone, “You’re kidding me, right?” Tired, groggy, and not feeling it I roll out of bed. It’s time for my run. Three days per week for the last 6 weeks. Meh, this isn’t fun anymore. Stoney is the only one stoked […]

  • Conversation with Stoney

    Last night, Stoney decided he wanted to go for a walk. I stood in the living room, talking to Kristen, and Stoney sat next to me with those eyes. If you have a dog you know the eyes. The only problem? A strong winter storm had rolled in. While it was sunny, clear, and in […]

  • Beach day

    Stoney rules!, originally uploaded by mclanea. Today we took the whole family on an outing to dog beach. We all had a great time, but I think Stoney had the most fun of all. Here’s a link to the rest of our pictures from the beach.

  • 61 Minutes: The Kitchen

    I’m learning to love time lapse videos so I thought I’d start off by making a series of my own. Here’s an ordinary 61 minutes in my kitchen. A mom makes dinner, cleans up, takes the dog for a walk, a dad sneaks a snack, the kids come and do homework. There is something extraordinary […]

  • Stoney and Friends

    Stoney and Friends Originally uploaded by mclanea I woke up this morning to see Stoney, the family dog, laying on his blanket completely surrounded by the kids Webkinz.

  • Weekend Review

    I’m still amazed at how much fun we can have in a weekend. It’s been since high school that I’ve had weekends off so consistently. Love it! Friday night, we stayed home and rested. With temperatures in the 100s most of last week, the kids had been stuck in the house a lot. I’d even […]

  • Stoney swims!

    We adopted Stoney, a yellow lab, three and a half years ago. As I have well documented he is part of our family. Yet Stoney had one weird flaw. (beyond his love of humping middle school girls legs.) He hates the water. Most lab owners can’t keep their dogs out of the water and I […]

  • Things I’m thinking about today

    Ever just have a hodgepodge of slush in your mind? Here’s some random thoughts this morning. – While I still think of myself as a down-the-middle, maybe even conservative evangelical Christian… I’m finding myself tired of the grey haired leaders. – As much as I’d like to say I agree with the complimentarian position of […]

  • Stoney — EXPOSED

    If you’ve ever met my dog… you get this one. Thanks to Gary for emailing this to me.

  • Dog & Car updates

    I don’t stress out too easily. But the last 48 hours kind of rattled me. Our super reliable car seems to have blown up and our super simple dog had to be rushed to the vet. So when a man’s best friend and his ride both get busted in a day… now you know that […]