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  • 2 Truths and a Lie

    Two truths Bigger isn’t better. Wider doesn’t make things deeper. A lie Bigger is shallow, deeper makes things smaller, our way is best. Axiom There are good systems used for evil and evil systems used for good.

  • Control and Social Media

    All day yesterday I got hit up by people excited about Facebook’s announcement of their new groups feature. (Actually, this is a very old feature with some newish features.) Mashable wrote about it. Techcrunch wrote about it. And tons of youth workers were left saying, “This thing is going to be great for youth ministry.”…

  • What motivates people?

    Some stuff to chew on, right? How does this correlate to church leadership? We spend a lot of time talking about ownership. But I don’t hear a lot of talk about autonomy. Ultimately, church is just a closed system.

  • The World Doesn’t Change Itself

    This weekend the family hosted my friend Andrew Marin. I suppose most people know Andy as a controversial speaker and author who is trying to help the church build bridges with the gay community. I know Andy more as a friend. We met last summer in preparing for National Youth Workers Convention where he was…