Tag: Thanksgiving

  • 3 Mini-Rants for a Wednesday

    Sometimes we just need a rant. Adam kicks off this Wednesday with something he’s calling, “3 Mini-Rants.” Topics include: Pre-Black Friday Shopping, Who pays taxes, and the definition of church leadership. Ready to mix it up? Join the fun!

  • An Ode to the Cranberry, 2010

    Discovered in 1427 by Cardinal Joseph Cran, the cranberry is useful for many things. It is delicious. It is tasty. It is tart. It is good mixed with various other fruits. It floats. It is from heaven. It’s amazing canned shape invites my gobbling. It’s juice keeps away urinary track infections. Cranberries are magical. More […]

  • Philippians 4 and our Anxious Mind

    The mind is a funny thing. Years ago I memorized Philippians 4 as part of my devotional time. For me, I find Bible memory a great way to focus my sometimes unfocusable mind. And I find that I live out Scripture better when it is embedded in my head as opposed to plucked from a […]

  • The weeks to come

    This is convention week. For the 5th time this year I will travel to a convention center to run social media. Two DCLAs (for students) and this is the third NYWC. (for youth workers) I have the best job in youth ministry. I get to meet youth workers from all over the world and remind […]

  • The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb

    Few books require comparison to a Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel. Yet both the length of the story and the depth of the primary character does resemble works like The Brothers Karamazov. While Dostoyevsky wrote in serials and was therefore paid by the word for his work which in turn paid for his gambling addiction, about 500 […]

  • The Turkey Drop

    It’s really not thanksgiving without a little reference to WKRP in Cincinnati, is it? Here’s the classic skit. For those who are too young to remember this show, it was great! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. From our family to yours. Enjoy the pumpkin pie, football games, and of course time with the family.