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  • Four Hours of Summit Videos

    Four Hours of Summit Videos

    Go ahead and melt your brain for the next four hours with these Summit videos. Go back-to-back 19 times. Amazing stuff. Today we are announcing the first round of speakers for The Summit 2014 in Nashville. We’ve also extended the event to 2 full days at no additional cost. (We used to charge $40 for […]

  • 10 Things I’m Excited About for The Summit

    The Summit: A chat with some of the presenters from The Youth Cartel on Vimeo. With just over 100 days until The Summit, I thought I’d share 10 things I’m excited about. The theme. After the insanity of the past 3-4 years, the idea of linking arms– taking a big, deep breath, and looking at […]

  • I see your faith in action

    A year ago I stood on the edge of a giant cliff. And jumped. No regrets. No turning back. Hit the play button on Tom Petty’s Free Falling. My jump involved leaving a life of the bi-weekly paychecks behind and launching McLane Creative & The Youth Cartel. It wasn’t a faith step in that resolution […]

  • Freebies for registering early – The Summit

    This week we opened registration for The Summit. This is our brand new, TED-like, national youth ministry event. [Here’s the announcement] And, as excited as I am about The Summit, this post isn’t really about the event itself so much as it’s about the type of ministry organization we want to be. Here is a […]