10 Things I’m Excited About for The Summit

The Summit: A chat with some of the presenters from The Youth Cartel on Vimeo.

With just over 100 days until The Summit, I thought I’d share 10 things I’m excited about.

  1. The theme. After the insanity of the past 3-4 years, the idea of linking arms– taking a big, deep breath, and looking at where we are at and where we need to go. Gosh, that’s so needed.
  2. Awakening dreams. Each of us in youth ministry went into this thing with some dreams. To have 2 days to intentionally awaken them, spurring them into action? Bring it on.
  3. An incredible line-up of presenters.There’s depth in this line-up. We have a wide variety of leaders from a wide array of background… it’s broad in that aspect but really, really specific in its aim to elevate youth ministry.
  4. A fresh schedule and approach. Yes, the main sessions are very much TED-like. There will be 5-6 presenters, a couple surprises, and a theme. But I also love that we’re creating feedback space when you can go and connect with presenters. No one is zipping in and out. Our presenters are coming to help you become a better leader.
  5. It’s in a church! I think events like this belong in churches. Plus, Josh and the kind folks at Fellowship are a blast.
  6. It’s cheap. $129 for groups and $149 for 1-2 people… when you compare that to any other event… it’s a great value for what you’re getting. Plus, it’s just 2 days… so you can do 1 night in a hotel instead of 3-4.
  7. Really fun partners. Oh baby, our partners are making The Summit even more fun for everyone. We’ve got some great giveaways and surprises coming.
  8. Marko & Adam unleashed. Over the past year I’ve heard over and over again how cool our partnership looks. Well, come to The Summit and you’ll see it on full display.
  9. My favorite people. We’re a small business and Marko and I are very involved in every aspect of The Summit. Each time someone buys a tickets we’re like… “OH YES! ____ is coming!” I know that sounds cheesy, but the room is going to be full of really cool people.
  10. It’s new. I mean, I like new. Don’t you?

How can you help? Here’s 2 things we really need at this stage in the game.

  1. Register now. I know the deadline for the early bird rate isn’t for another month… but if you are coming it helps us the most if you buy your ticket now.
  2. Help us promote itOur biggest weakness is our size. We know this is a great event. But we just don’t have a big marketing budget. (This is directly related to our price, by the way!)





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