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  • Early Bird Deadline for The Summit

    Early Bird Deadline for The Summit

    Just a quick reminder to my friends in youth ministry… today is the deadline to register for The Summit for as little as $129. [button link=”http://theyouthcartel.com/event/the-summit-2014/” color=”silver”]REGISTER HERE[/button] [hr] In related Cartel news… We’re sending 3 brand new books to the printer tomorrow. (Good Lord, willing) We’ve got a pre-release deal going on all of […]

  • The Year of the Book

    2012 will be remembered around the McLane house as, the year of the book.  First, I partnered with Jon to write Good News in the Neighborhood which came out in May. Then I partnered with Marko to write A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media which arrived yesterday. If those two projects were bookend, starting a publishing line […]

  • FREE RESOURCE: YouTube You Can Use

    Each week I produce a free resource called, YouTube You Can Use. The concept is simple. I take a viral video from YouTube and write a small discussion starter and/or devotional based on the content. Currently, more than 1100 people around the world receive it each Monday. They use in their youth groups, in small […]

  • 10 Things I’m Excited About for The Summit

    The Summit: A chat with some of the presenters from The Youth Cartel on Vimeo. With just over 100 days until The Summit, I thought I’d share 10 things I’m excited about. The theme. After the insanity of the past 3-4 years, the idea of linking arms– taking a big, deep breath, and looking at […]

  • I see your faith in action

    A year ago I stood on the edge of a giant cliff. And jumped. No regrets. No turning back. Hit the play button on Tom Petty’s Free Falling. My jump involved leaving a life of the bi-weekly paychecks behind and launching McLane Creative & The Youth Cartel. It wasn’t a faith step in that resolution […]

  • The Open Manifesto

    There aren’t many places in the church where all ideas have the same opportunity to be presented. Everything is editorialized, shaped, and packaged. Every idea is filtered through a lens. We think something is wrong with that. Deep in our souls we know the solutions to the problems we face today are already out there, […]

  • Good News curriculum video shoot

    Yesterday, Jon and I spent the vast majority of our day shooting the 6 fictional stories that go along with each lesson in our forthcoming Good News in the Neighborhood curriculum. Seeing some of the big picture pieces come together in this project has been amazing. Doing the video segments actually brought new life into […]

  • It’s Here! Good News in the Neighborhood Curriculum

    Big news! Jon Huckins and I have been working on this curriculum for youth groups and young adults for several months. I’m excited to tell you that it’ll be out on April 2nd, 2012. Woohoo! If you buy it before it comes out… you’ll get it on April 2nd AND you’ll save $15. Here’s the […]

  • Ignore Your Limitations (YouTube You Can Use Sample)

    For the past six months I’ve written a free, weekly resource for adults who minister to teenagers called, YouTube You Can Use. It’s exactly what it is called. All I do is take a popular, short YouTube video and write some prompts designed to make it easy for you to have a Bible-based discussion with […]

  • #MSMC12

    I’m really excited to be a part of this years Middle School Ministry Campference. What the heck is a campference? It’s a little word we made up at The Youth Cartel to describe a gathering of like-minded people at a camp. In this case, it’s unique because it’s specifically designed for adults who minister to […]