I’m really excited to be a part of this years Middle School Ministry Campference.

What the heck is a campference? It’s a little word we made up at The Youth Cartel to describe a gathering of like-minded people at a camp. In this case, it’s unique because it’s specifically designed for adults who minister to middle school students. Half camp, half conference. I know… it’s tricky.

We moved this bad boy south. Last year, I was pretty new to The Youth Cartel when the first one happened. In fact, I didn’t even go. But I was in charge of following-up with people who had told us earlier in the year they were interested. Over and over again I heard from people who wanted to come but our location was just too dang far from where they live. Fortunately, we were able to move a couple hundred miles south. That gets us within a 6 hour drive of places like Nashville, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago… and really close to cities like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville. In short, that will mean it is a lot easier for a lot more people to come.

Why should you think about going? Um, I’m going to be there. Enough said.





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