Stop Throwing People Away

There is something going on in church culture that I can’t stand. And it’s something I think we really need to change. And it is something we can change right now, in this moment. It’s this. We have a tendency to throw people away because they do or say or write one thing we don’t like.…… Continue reading Stop Throwing People Away

Cool book for small groups Earlier this year I posted a review of Tony’s Jones book about the Didache. I’m still thinking about this book and its effects on community life. So take this as a random recommendation. If you’re in an adult small group and you are looking for a book to get your group talking about what…… Continue reading Cool book for small groups

Learning about community from the Didache

I’ve got bad news for Tony Jones haters. There’s nothing to hate about his latest book, The Teaching of the Twelve. In fact, you may love it. Last week, I finished reading his little book about the little book, the Didache. The didache is a book that dates back to the ancient church but didn’t…… Continue reading Learning about community from the Didache