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  • Need a mechanic

    Wow, our car took a rapid turn for the worse. I don’t know exactly what happened but I do know the engine is making a horrible knocking sound. It started yesterday on the way to work. And today on the way home it got really, really loud. Websites I know. Bible stuff I know. Cars? […]

  • Car for sale

    I was just thinking about this… I’ve never sold a car. The cars I drove before we got married I just gave away. And we’ve had this car since 1998… so this is a first for me.  But the car is officially listed on Craigslist. Check it out.  In the last couple of days we […]

  • I got lost at the mall

    Want to know something weird about me? I can remember phone numbers. I can remember the names of my 1st grade classmates and some of their phone numbers. I can remember 10,000 details about New Testament history so I can spew them off to an unsuspecting conversant. I can remember a few hundred YMX screen […]