Need a mechanic

Wow, our car took a rapid turn for the worse. I don’t know exactly what happened but I do know the engine is making a horrible knocking sound. It started yesterday on the way to work. And today on the way home it got really, really loud.

Websites I know. Bible stuff I know. Cars? Forget it.

I need a mechanic and being new in town I don’t even know where to start. Adventure time!

UPDATE: After comparing the loud sounds my engine is making to some stuff on YouTube, I think the operative word is “the engine is blown.” So I’m grabbing a rental car until we can get some estimates for a repair… or if it’s just wiser to scrap this car and get a different used car. I’m trying to focus on the good here… it didn’t happen to Kristen while I was gone. It didn’t do anything dangerous. (Still runs! I drove it home from work.) And it didn’t happen in the middle of nowhere when I was driving Megan and Stoney across the country. See, lots of good news amidst something really inconvenient.





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  1. Uncle Dave Avatar

    i know nothing about cars…. but i guess fanbelt…… lets see if i’m wrong or right

  2. marko Avatar

    adam — a bunch of us at ys use a guy named mark adams, who’s great for three reasons: 1. he’s inexpensive; 2. he’s honest; and 3. he’s mobile — he comes to you (at work or home). let me know if you want his info.

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