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  • My new job

    Over the past few years you’ve watched me do some stuff. 10 years ago it was in Haiti, activating hundreds of churches to go and build partnerships with Haitian churches in the wake of an earthquake that shook a nations core but unleashed a spiritual awakening. And now more recently it’s been closer to home,…

  • Two wins from yesterday

    Two wins from yesterday

    I don’t get to celebrate wins every day. So when wins happen I want to make sure I take time to acknowledge those victories. Big rock life goal for Kristen and Adam: Lift up women in leadership. So, two wins yesterday to celebrate towards that goal.

  • Ornaments


    My kids put my old sentimental ornaments front and center on our tree this year. Yes, my mom has handmade or purchased a special ornament for me every year since I was born.

  • Why We Travel

    Why We Travel

    In this post, Adam McLane reflects on his recent family trip to Mexico City and highlights the bigger question, “Why do we travel?”

  • 2016 Chicken Report

    2016 Chicken Report

    Yes, we are those people. In 2016, we got chickens. Spontaneously. And you know what? It’s more fun than we thought it’d be.

  • Pictures from Vacation

    Pictures from Vacation

    Late Monday, we came back from our annual summer 2-part vacation. Part one was at the Wawona Campground in Yosemite. This was our first time at that particular campground… and we certainly liked aspects of it. (Good: It’s right on the river. Bad: No views of the valley, and it’s hot.) Due to some car…

  • The Right Guy for the Job

    The Right Guy for the Job

    “Daddy said I was the right guy for the job.”  ~ Jackson, 5 If we ever buy another house I’m going replace all of the fixtures on the first day. Light fixtures, faucets, shut off valves, and every piece of the sprinkler system not underground. Why? It’d save time versus the way I’ve been doing…

  • Place, Restoration, Hope

    Place, Restoration, Hope

    Tools By Sunday evening, things were calming down on our weekend home improvement projects, Kristen went to run errands, and I had a little time to reflect. In the search of wire cutter I opened a giant Rubbermaid that had tools poking out of it. As I started pushing things around I realized that I put…

  • Extended Parenting

    Extended Parenting

    Kristen and I have become aware of something recently. MEGAN IS FOURTEEN!  We aren’t freaking out about high school. We’re not even really freaking out about the potential of paying for college. But we are both kind of freaking out about the not-so-far-off word: Adulthood. The Parent Test The true test of your ability to…

  • Stoney


    Perhaps no 6 characters have been harder to type than the 6 characters of the title of this blog post. Earlier today, Kristen and I took our much beloved dog, Stoney, to the vet to be put to sleep. We were a mess. I couldn’t even speak. It was completely the right thing to do,…