Pictures from Vacation

Late Monday, we came back from our annual summer 2-part vacation.

Part one was at the Wawona Campground in Yosemite. This was our first time at that particular campground… and we certainly liked aspects of it. (Good: It’s right on the river. Bad: No views of the valley, and it’s hot.) Due to some car trouble we actually never made it into the valley. So that’s a first. We went all the way to Yosemite but barely saw what most people would call Yosemite. Ah well, it was a blast.

Part two was at one of our little happy spots… a beach house in Cayucos. We take it from the mountains to the Central Coast. While camping is relaxing in it’s own way it’s still nice to just put your feet up and do nothing. Well, “do nothing” means we probably walked 15 miles a day on the beach! Murray liked the mountains but he LOVED the beach house.






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