Two wins from yesterday

I don’t get to celebrate wins every day. So when wins happen I want to make sure I take time to acknowledge those victories.

Big rock life goal for Kristen and Adam: Lift up women in leadership.

So, two wins yesterday to celebrate towards that goal.

Hat tip to Megan

I started off my day with a drive to Los Angeles and back. 121 miles each way.

Megan finished her first quarter at UCLA on Wednesday. Whether or not she really sees it this way… it’s a big accomplishment. It’s one thing to say you want to go away to college, but it’s entirely a different thing when you actually go away.

So I’m celebrating that accomplishment.

Sure, finishing her first of twelve quarters towards her undergraduate degree isn’t quite worthy of a party. But the transition from living at home with mom & dad to living on your own in the 2nd largest city in the United States is a factually difficult thing. Well done, I’m proud of you, Megan.

I know it wasn’t as easy as she made it seem.

Kristen and I were asked by our friends if having her at school was hard on us. In truth, of course we missed her, but she was ready. We could see she was ready. And she was positive she was ready. Her confidence made the transition pretty easy for us. We miss her like crazy when she’s away. We wish she’d text us more often. But we were fine because we knew she was fine.

High five to Adriana

Some of our PPM Baja team from left to right – Luisa, Vanessa, Andrea, Adriana

I finished my day by picking up Adriana at the San Diego Airport and taking her to her cousins house in Playas de Tijuana.

On Monday, Adriana became the first full-time staff person with Praying Pelican Missions in Baja California.

Three years ago we started PPM’s expansion into Northern Mexico with the goal of my leading it at the beginning and then, if it took off, look towards handing it off to local leadership. Adriana has been part of our work in Ensenada from the very beginning and I’m so happy to have her join us as the Ministry Coordinator.

It’s a major accomplishment for PPM Baja that Adriana has officially joined PPM full-time. As the ministry has more than doubled year-over-year-over-year we needed to divide my role so the ministry could grow. Adriana will take over primary trip leading responsibilities as well as helping us better partner with our churches in Ensenada as we continue to expand our ministry there. Of course, I’m not going anywhere. In truth, we’re going to divide the work and still both be overwhelmed as things are growing so fast.

Under Adriana’s leadership I look forward to our work in Baja California continuing to grow and deepen, leaning increasingly into the overall goals of both PPM and our local church partners.

Adriana is absolutely perfect for this role. I’m so excited for her, really don’t have the right words.

Thumbs Up Kind of Day

If a goal for Kristen and I is to create space for women to lead I feel like today was a day worthy of celebration. Going to be extremely tired but very, very happy.







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