My kind of town

In the morning I am headed to one of my favorite places on the planet, Chicago. Cathy and I are headed out to the Windy City for a few days to check out the kickoff of the Planet Wisdom Tour. I’ve always wanted to go yet they never quite made it far enough to take…… Continue reading My kind of town

Travels with Stoney: Day One

This video is a bit random, but I think you’ll like it. Megan pretty much stars in it and I do some commentary. The random girl in the middle with the fish, that’s my friend Angie & Chris’s daughter Grace. There are many more videos coming. Megan has shot nearly 3 hours of video in…… Continue reading Travels with Stoney: Day One

Travels with Stoney: The Prelude

The trip begins in just two hours. Everyone is still asleep at my in-laws house but I’m wide awake. Go figure. There are a couple pre-trip things I thought were worth mentioning. #1 Travels with Charlie. If you’ve never read the Steinbeck book which this trip is named after you should check it out. Travels…… Continue reading Travels with Stoney: The Prelude

Holy Travel Schedule Batman

This is more of a confessional post than anything else. I can feel my travel schedule getting out of control. In 2007, Kristen and I carefully managed our schedule to maximize our time together. It was fantastic spending so much one-on-one time with the love of my life. Then reality struck back. Here’s a quick…… Continue reading Holy Travel Schedule Batman