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  • Support my Haiti trip

    I would greatly appreciate any financial support you can help us with as we head back to Haiti to lead a team on July 19-25. As I mentioned in the video– we are trying to offset these expenses so we can not only honor God with our service but also our financial stewardship at the […]

  • Some pics from my trip

    Here are a few iPhone pictures from my trip to the Pacific Northwest.

  • Back to Minneapolis

    This week I’m headed to Minneapolis for a week of meetings and team building. Since YS is a now part of YouthWorks, we get to be a part of their semi-annual gatherings where they come together to celebrate all that God is doing. I’m digging that. Here’s a couple of fun things I’ve been learning […]

  • Off to Minneapolis

    If going to Alabama is the dirty south, does that make Minnesota the “clean north?” Regardless, I am missing church this morning as I begin my trip north (and east) to Minneapolis for a few days of meetings with the YouthWorks team. Here’s something fun about heading to the clean north. I kind of like […]

  • Christians are Bad Tippers

    The other day I was reading Steve Dublanica’s blog, Waiter Rant, in which he had a post entitled “Who are the worst tippers?“ Essentially, Steve was querying his reading audience… people who make most of their money from tips… who are the worst tippers. And the comments were revealing. There seem to be two kinds […]

  • The weeks to come

    This is convention week. For the 5th time this year I will travel to a convention center to run social media. Two DCLAs (for students) and this is the third NYWC. (for youth workers) I have the best job in youth ministry. I get to meet youth workers from all over the world and remind […]

  • Warp Speed!

    That’s how I feel about the next 90 days. This week starts the first of three National Youth Worker Conventions. For me, it’s a huge honor to be able to go to the three U.S. conventions and to play such a cool role. On site I am in charge of capturing the story of the […]

  • Launching Beyond The Zoo

    As I’ve talked about here a few times, Kristen and I have collaborated to create a new website. In truth, it’s just a convergence of two great passions for both of us… blogging and eating! The whole point of BeyondTheZoo.com is to help people discover hidden gems in San Diego County. We know that when […]

  • Off the Nashville

    It’s butt early, but I am freshly showered, packed, and waiting on an airport shuttle to take me to the airport. This morning I’m taking the dark flight over to Dallas for my connection. Anyway, just in case I wasn’t clear enough… my blogging will likely be convention-centric for a few days. Don’t worry, I’m […]

  • Off to Pittsburgh

    As I write this I am in the San Diego airport on my way to my second NYWC as a YS staffer. It’s still pretty cool! Yes, I am going to NYWC as a YS staff person… how cool is that? Yes, the travel away from family end of things stinks… but I still count […]