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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photo by stevelyon via Flickr (Creative Commons)

This week I’m headed to Minneapolis for a week of meetings and team building. Since YS is a now part of YouthWorks, we get to be a part of their semi-annual gatherings where they come together to celebrate all that God is doing. I’m digging that.

Here’s a couple of fun things I’ve been learning about YouthWorks.

  1. The missions team has more than 36,000 people registered for mission trips this summer. Most of them are middle and high schoolers.
  2. We are in the process of hiring about 350 summer staff.
  3. We have about 65 full-time, year-round staff. (Including the YS staff)
  4. YouthWorks has a foundation which gives back to the communities which host missions trips.

This week I’m hoping to connect with some folks and figure out what people do. It should be big fun in the frozen tundra. Since I’ll be back their at least quarterly– my sidebar hope is to find some fun, funky places to explore.

Yes, more fun than Chingy and Snoop at the Holiday Inn.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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  1. Enjoy this great state! If I were you I’d roll around Lake Calhoun for a walk (weather permitting), eat at Bar La Grassa or Punch Pizza, get some of the best coffee around at Rustica Bakery…or just look me up and i’ll take ya there!

    I go to church with most of the YouthWorks crew, they’re great people.

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