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  • Metrodome Collapse Video

    Whoa. That was intense! Act of God? Or maybe, just maybe, there is a conspiracy! I kind of think that Minnesotans will do anything to see Brett Farve never play in their stadium again. This makes me giggle knowing that I’m looking for sunscreen on my way to the Chargers vs. Chiefs game today. But […]

  • Back to Minneapolis

    This week I’m headed to Minneapolis for a week of meetings and team building. Since YS is a now part of YouthWorks, we get to be a part of their semi-annual gatherings where they come together to celebrate all that God is doing. I’m digging that. Here’s a couple of fun things I’ve been learning […]

  • Off to Minneapolis

    If going to Alabama is the dirty south, does that make Minnesota the “clean north?” Regardless, I am missing church this morning as I begin my trip north (and east) to Minneapolis for a few days of meetings with the YouthWorks team. Here’s something fun about heading to the clean north. I kind of like […]