Metrodome Collapse Video

Whoa. That was intense!

Act of God? Or maybe, just maybe, there is a conspiracy! I kind of think that Minnesotans will do anything to see Brett Farve never play in their stadium again.

This makes me giggle knowing that I’m looking for sunscreen on my way to the Chargers vs. Chiefs game today.

But the jokes on me since I have a 6:35 AM flight to Minneapolis in the morning.

ht to Blake





3 responses to “Metrodome Collapse Video”

  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    That is crazy!

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    I just saw that they are moving the game to Ford Field in Detroit.

  3. jay sauser Avatar

    Xianity tweeted today that MN collapsed their dome in order to let Favre rest his shoulder and heal it up for awhile.

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