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  • Adding shade in the garden

    The front door of our house faces east towards the Pacific Ocean. (A mere 10 miles west!) Our backyard garden sit on the top of an exposed his with full eastern sun. For three seasons that really isn’t a big deal. In fact, because we can get full sun for about 75% of the garden…

  • June Bloom!

    San Diego is known for it’s June Gloom season. The combination of a cool coastal current and northerly winds this time of year result in a strong morning fog that often lasts until late in the day. While most of the country soars into summertime temps, June is traditionally a chilly month here. It’s actually…

  • Lamborghini + Tree = LamboChristmasTreenini

    MY CAPTION: What do you mean I’m fired? I thought you said, “Put my lamborghini under a Christmas tree?” [face + palm] What’s your caption?  ht to Dirk up in Eagle Rock for the picture… it was windy up in LA last night.

  • Pelican Strikes Back!

    Take that, weatherman!

  • El Niño this Week

    Chris Farley explains this quite well. We were told to expect 5-15 inches of rain. Yikes!

  • A true Michigan winter

    Let’s just say the picture is an exaggeration. But we’ve had a very good Al Gore inspired winter in Michigan. It started in November and it has stayed until now. Non-stop cold, lots of snow, few warm weather breaks, and a lot of storms. I love winter. I love snow. I really like driving around…

  • Don’t Watch the Weather

    I am continually surprised to see people pre-decide that the weather is too bad for an activity. They watch the weather on the local news and believe the hype that we’re going to have a blizzard or that it’s going to be bad out there… so they pre-decide tonot go to work, school, or church.…

  • Snow is heavy in Romeo

    It’s November 26th and the snow is coming down heavy in Romeo. It’s one of those pretty snows too, the kind that is hard to hate. That isn’t really newsworthy, but it is always good to record the first heavy snowfall of the year. Though technically we got 2 inches on Thanksgiving… it didn’t happen…