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  • Turning the spigot back on

    Turning the spigot back on

    It’s been a long time coming. It’s time to get back into writing on a more regular basis. I miss it. And I think maybe you, dear reader, maybe miss me too?

  • Speaking & Writing update

    Forgive the pause in my normal posts to share some life updates. Speaking & Training My 2012 speaking/training schedule is now has it’s own page. As far as I know, everything listed there is available for you to register to attend. There are two primary things which seem to be taking off for me in […]

  • Just Write

    So, you want to blog? And you’d like to build a following. Great. I’m here to help. Here’s a quick reality check: Success has nothing to do with a fancy blog design. Success has nothing to do with learning the latest SEO tricks. Success has nothing to do with finding advertisers to fund you. So […]

  • Best of 2007

    Note: I’m on vacation this week. My family has a rule for daddy– It’s not a vacation if daddy brings a computer. Each day this week I’m highlighting my favorite post from the adammclane.com archives. These are oldies but goodies. Why Ethnography is Important Missionaries know it. Businesses know it. Documentarians film it. Marketers make […]

  • My blogging process

    Posting something almost daily at adammclane.com is a challenge. So I thought it’d be fun to write about that process. Perhaps this will provide an insight into my daily life or maybe it’ll even help someone figure out a new process for them? Three main sources of my daily post I wake up and have […]

  • Unleash the Power of Observation

    Life is full of surprises. Unexpected things happen. People do funny stuff. But you’ll never notice the good stuff until you train your eye to look for it. Every week I see something that completely blows my mind. Sometimes its hilarity. Sometimes its tragedy. Sometimes its awkward. Sometimes its a persons moment of accomplishment. And […]

  • Youth Worker Book of Hope

    Back in January 2008 I was asked to participate in something out of character. Tim Baker, a well-established youth ministry author, emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in submitting a chapter to a book he was working on. My first few reactions were simple… – I don’t want to write a book. (Kind […]