Speaking & Writing update

Forgive the pause in my normal posts to share some life updates.

Speaking & Training

My 2012 speaking/training schedule is now has it’s own page. As far as I know, everything listed there is available for you to register to attend. There are two primary things which seem to be taking off for me in this area.

  1. A Parents Guide to Social Media – This seminar teaches social media principles, goes over relevant laws, and tries to replace fear with fact, principle, and strategy.
  2. Growing Your Business with MailChimp – This is a 2-hour class, more like an interactive training session on all that MailChimp can do for you. (I also do a ministry version, much the same content just geared for ministry communications.)

Obviously, I do a lot more than just these two things. But that’s what is bringing the most interest right now. I’d love to come and speak for you. Just send me an email and we can talk about it. Being a small business owner/entrepreneur– I’m pretty creative when it comes to the payment side of things so darn near anyone can afford me.


Short-form writing has really become my specialty. (500-2000 words) Over the past several years I’ve written lots of blog posts, guest posts, and magazine articles. But I’ve stayed away from books because the idea of 40,000 – 60,000 words scared the crap out of me.

That said, I have two book projects underway in the >15,000 words category.

  1. I’m co-authoring a small book for parents with Marko on social media. (Hence, the seminar above.)
  2. I’m revisiting some of my favorite, most shared blog content and “digitally remastering” it into a beautiful little book on how you and I can become Good News in our neighborhoods.
I’ll let you know when those have official titles, release dates, etc.


I’ve got 2 very creative, very fun, 6-week curriculums in development for high school and college students. (They’d work for middle school too, probably) I’ve got a bit of a manifesto on curriculum and why I’m doing it a certain way, but that’s for another post!

Both of those are coming out this Spring.

I’m hunting for collaborators

There’s no other way to say it. If you have ideas and you want to work with me on something, let’s chat. If you’ve got a great idea for a mobile app, event, book, curriculum, or something else and think working together might be awesome, drop me a line.





3 responses to “Speaking & Writing update”

  1. Melissa Brown Avatar

    I love that you are working on curriculum for college students! It’s a neglected demographic.

  2. Nate McLaughlin Avatar
    Nate McLaughlin

    I would be interested in seeing some early drafts if you want some feedback on the college/YA curriculum. Been leading a group for 7 yrs and still haven’t found anything great for that demographic.

  3. Matthew McNutt Avatar
    Matthew McNutt

    This reminds me that I need to connect with you about getting you out to my church – I still want to make something happen. I just keep forgetting to contact you! Darn winter retreats …

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