My Transition to YouthWorks

On January 1st, 2010 I will become an employee of YouthWorks. Before I talk about YouthWorks I do want to mention some things about Zondervan. A lot of negative things have been said and written (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) about Zondervan through this process. I want to convey publicly what I told them privately. They…… Continue reading My Transition to YouthWorks

YS/YW Announcement… What’s Going On?

Finally! That’s totally how I felt yesterday when the news came to me that we were making an announcement about the deal for Zondervan to sell YS to YouthWorks. (Here’s the link) The last few weeks, since Marko’s departure, have been a roller coaster for me. The facts presented to the staff on that day…… Continue reading YS/YW Announcement… What’s Going On?