YS/YW Announcement… What’s Going On?


That’s totally how I felt yesterday when the news came to me that we were making an announcement about the deal for Zondervan to sell YS to YouthWorks. (Here’s the link)

The last few weeks, since Marko’s departure, have been a roller coaster for me. The facts presented to the staff on that day were that Marko had been let go, the company was being sold… likely to YouthWorks. And beyond that.. that’s about all that was known!

It was a lot to take in. A lot to process. A lot of emotions to work through. And then a lot to stuff back in my head as I still had two conventions to work at plus a bunch of major projects nearing completion.

In a world of live everything– twitter, Facebook, blogs– there was simply no way for this news to stay completely out of the public eye. And of course my job was to keep an eye on all of that. There was so much to say while absolutely nothing appropriate for me to say… a pinch for “the online community dude.”

So the news is out. I am very happy the news is out. When I saw the presidents of Z and YW together yesterday I really hoped that the news would come out. It was a very exciting/somber (and a bunch more adjectives/adverbs) moment to be a part of. For me, the bottom line was that the news was getting out and that is good.

The people at YouthWorks are good people. (That’s been clear in the blogs/twitter/Facebook) The people at Zondervan are good people. (That hasn’t been clear, but trust me when I say that they are good people, too.)

Thanks to everyone who is praying for Kristen and I during this crazy time. For us personally more is unknown than known. I would only ask that you add the rest of the YS staff to your prayers, as well. Michelle, Mark M., Dave P., Jay, Donna, Dave C., Urb, Roni, Holli, Mandy, Tash, Ian, Lara, Brittany, Bethany, and Amy.

Now… this weekend isn’t about Youth Specialties, YouthWorks, Zondervan, or even me. It’s about serving and encouraging youth workers!

Back to work.






6 responses to “YS/YW Announcement… What’s Going On?”

  1. Paul G Avatar

    Hey man…Your comment about the known and unknown reminds me of Andy Stanley’s message yesterday about uncertainty. It’s always going to happen!

    I will definitely be praying for you and Kristen and the rest of the YS staff! You can be certain of that!

    – paulg

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    Thanks for your insight on this, Adam.

    Is the video from the announcement yesterday in the Big Room going to be available to those of us who missed it? I heard that it was a cool moment.

  3. Walt Mueller Avatar

    Adam – As I’m reading this I’m sitting 15 feet from you in the Omni restaurant drinking my coffee and thinking about how much I appreciate your words. God is revealing his plan for YS and we’re all resting in that. Thanks for bringing much-needed perspective from the inside.

  4. Dennis Beckner Avatar

    As I read this, I’m reminded of the first time I got a YS NYWC ad in the mail. I didn’t know such conferences existed. As a new youth pastor, I remember the the excitement of discovering a whole world of youth ministry training I didn’t know existed.

    For those of us continuing in youth ministry and the millions of youth workers who will come after us, I hope this conference will be around for a long time. There’s a big need for training and encouragement in the world of youth ministry. NYWC is a great source of both.

  5. David Lambert Avatar

    I spent a lot of time this year at NYWC in Atlanta reflecting over the past 8 years of NYWC’s I’ve attended, why I keep coming back, and the difference it’s made in my life and ministry. NYWC really has shaped me in such foundational ways and God has used YS to form me spiritually and ministerially into who I am today. So I have a great sense of loyalty to YS and all those who have been part of YS.

    That said, I believe we must give YouthWorks some room to show us who they are, give them our prayerful support and encouragement, and help them to better understand why we youth ministers come to NYWC year after year. I’ve written a “open letter” of sorts to YW on my blog, and I intend to actually send it to them as a real letter. But I hope others will seek to come alongside YW and help keep YS strong–and maybe even better than ever!

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