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  • 10 Ways to Connect with Me at NYWC

    On Thursday, Marko and I fly out to Atlanta for the National Youth Workers Convention. It’s sure to be a fun week of connecting, training, and encouragement. I’ve always loved the convention and I’m stoked to continue to invest in making the convention an awesome experience for youth workers from around the country. Here’s my […]

  • NYWC: What’s More Awesome Than a Bacon-filled Banana?

    The news: Today is the last day to register for NYWC San Diego for Super Early Bird prices. Bacon and flutophones?  The brainstorm session for this video was a blast. Ian, Tic, and I kicked around a thousand ideas around the concept of “What would be MORE AWESOME?” The shoot: This video was shot all […]

  • What a difference a year makes

    A year ago I was packing for NYWC and trying to convince myself that everything was going to be OK. I knew the facts but had to convince myself that they didn’t matter. With the pressure to perform numerically stronger than ever we watched in horror as the economy collapsed. Earlier in the year we’d […]

  • Coming to Dallas and Tulsa next week

    Epic. Awesome. Life-changing. PlanetWisdom on Vimeo. I’ll be in Dallas next week, Monday-Wednesday, meeting with youth workers and chatting up both PlanetWisdom and the National Youth Workers Convention. Here’s the RSVP for the meet-up on Monday. I’ll be in Tulsa for lunch on Thursday. If you want to meet up and hear specifically about PlanetWisdom […]

  • The Naysayer

    It still giggle every time I hear this. Just the “Ticky” cracks me up.

  • The Volunteer

    I’m a big fan of this video. I think it turned out great. And I think its a great compliment to the first one we released a couple weeks back. The most loudest people in youth ministry tend to be the people who do it as a profession. But I think we’d all agree that […]

  • What is NYWC all about?

    I have the coolest job in youth ministry. I get to do what I love, connecting with youth workers around the world and I get paid for it! At the core of it this video demonstrates the 2 things I love most about working at YS. Tic lays out the heart of why we do […]

  • Slow motion fun

    I think we’ve all had this moment. I love the relationship between the youth pastor, the students, and the senior pastor. If you had a day to play with a sweet slow motion camera, what would you shoot?

  • Your story matters

    Next week, I’m hitting the road and driving from San Jose to just north of Seattle. I guess there are 3 over-arching reasons I’m doing this. Two are a bit secondary and perhaps selfish, which the third is really the justification for everything else. I love a good road trip. There is something almost magical […]

  • You’re a single lady, buddy

    This is Paul’s favorite sing-along song, too. And I’ve completely been there… wanting to tell my son the truth that he is not, indeed, a single lady. (But if he likes it, he better put a ring on it.) And yes, boys and girls, that is Carlos Whittacker! And yes, this mean father [sarcasm] is […]