What is NYWC all about?

I have the coolest job in youth ministry. I get to do what I love, connecting with youth workers around the world and I get paid for it!

At the core of it this video demonstrates the 2 things I love most about working at YS.

  1. Tic lays out the heart of why we do the National Youth Workers Convention. This is really the heart of YS. We do all of this to minister to youth workers… that’s why it is worth it to us.
  2. I get to work with amazing people. Setting aside the amazing people I get to connect with outside of YS as part of my job, I have gotten to work day-by-day with some amazing heroes of youth ministry. These folks continue to be a daily inspiration to me.

When we were shooting this video (ht to Ian) I just kept thinking about those two things.

Dang, I am fortunate.

And dang, I want to be a part of carrying on this legacy.






3 responses to “What is NYWC all about?”

  1. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    I know it’s super hard to get good lighting on a face that has a bald head and you guys did a great job with it! But it still cracks me up because I’m picturing Adam with a giant white laser pointer, moving it around Tic’s head while this was being shot. 🙂

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Funny sidenote on this video. Our super slick light kit was stuck at my house. So Ian had to improvise with about 10 incandescent lights. Totally cracked me up, but he pulled it off. (There’s an easter egg in the video to prove it.)

  2. Len Evans Avatar

    Love me some Tic & NYWC. Glad you are part of carrying on that legacy, Adam.

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