NYWC: What’s More Awesome Than a Bacon-filled Banana?

http://youtu.be/ThsCtY4f4m4 The news: Today is the last day to register for NYWC San Diego for Super Early Bird prices. Bacon and flutophones?  The brainstorm session for this video was a blast. Ian, Tic, and I kicked around a thousand ideas around the concept of “What would be MORE AWESOME?” The shoot: This video was shot…… Continue reading NYWC: What’s More Awesome Than a Bacon-filled Banana?

Thank you, Mr. Long

“Well, I’m in if you’re in.” That was the phrase that began my next season at Youth Specialties. Back in December 2009 I’d been offered the opportunity to stay on with YS after the purchase by YouthWorks. Tic and I exchanged a couple phone calls and texts… and I remember saying to him playfully, “Well,…… Continue reading Thank you, Mr. Long

The Naysayer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GkkakA7YG8 It still giggle every time I hear this. Just the “Ticky” cracks me up.

Welcome Back, Tic

Life is crazy. I don’t know about other people, but my life is full of surprising moments. One of those crazy twists just took hold as today it becomes public that Tic Long is back at Youth Specialties. My first 5 thoughts about Tic coming back: Woohoo! Is this for real? This is going to…… Continue reading Welcome Back, Tic

The weekend that was

This morning my back and arms are sore, my legs feel heavy, my eyes don’t want to open… signs of a very cool weekend. I took the weekend off. For the first time in a long time I actually completely disconnected from work. It was much needed. Last month Kristen scored some great tickets to…… Continue reading The weekend that was